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Just for Business Women!

If you've never tried group coaching before, it is an incredible technique and system used to motivate, inspire and provide resources that will help you to grow your business in a group format with other WAB members. Right from the comfort of your home, office or other location, you'll be able to receive the support you need just by picking up the telephone and dialing into the conference call.

Women About Biz custom designs and coordinates incredible group coaching programs that help you to implement your business tasks and strengthen your personal development skills.  Regardless of all the tools and resources you have to manage your business, if you don't have the right leadership and implementation skills needed, you can slow down or even halt your business success.  Below, learn our monthly group coaching sessions!

women her own bossThe Power In Group Coaching!

Group Coaching for Women holds you accountable to the goals that you set for yourself and allows you to learn from challenges others might be having in the group as well.

Just as many of today's successful business women have used the power of coaching to help them get to the top, you can have access to the same type of quality coaching and at a reasonable price!