5 Power Tips for Businesswomen!

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Hello Successful Women!  Here are 5 Power Tips that can help you enhance and grow your business! They are simple, but I find that many women are not consistent in them.  I've used these tips to help me stay better focused and be organized in managing my business and staying energized.

1. A consistent schedule will help your productivy!

One of things I do each Sunday evening is to make sure I'm clear on my business goals for the week and I always check to ensure that the activities on my schedule are supportive of the goals I want to accomplish for the week.

This will not only help you to stay consistent, but it will also keep you focused on what's important.  Now, I've learned that crowding your calendar with activities that don't support your business goals only keep you being busy without results.  So, it's time to eliminate activities that really don't pertain to what it is that you want.

2. The two most important daily activities are marketing and follow up!

Mostly all businesswomen know that marketing is the most important key to business success.  After all, it's the process that helps you to attract your target audience and generate leads.  

So, why is it that many have a problem with marketing their business on a consistent basis?  Well, it really all starts with your beliefs about marketing and whether or not you truly understand how important marketing is.  For example, do you have a marketing plan or strategy in place?  Is your online marketing automated, so you're attracting prospects even when you're sleep?  Are you clear on your target market? 

Having the items mentioned above will help you to better structure your marketing and be able to effectively measure what's working and what's not.  A lot of what you learn about marketing your business is going to be trial and error.  So, being consistent with it will help you to track what's really working, so you can do more of it!

The next most important daily activity is Follow Up!  Most businesswomen admit that follow up is a weak spot for them and if they would have followed up on inquiries, prospects and opportunities their business would be moving much further along in growth and income!

Follow up has a lot to do with your Weekly Workflow Plan.  If you don't have one that's your first mistake!  For each inquiry, phone call, new connection and marketing campaign, you should have a way to follow up until your desire results are achieved. 

3. Keeping the "end in mind" will help you to stay focused on your goals

Your business tasks should be driven by the vision(s) you have for your business.  Simply put, a business vision is what you would like to experience in your business within a given timeframe.  I suggest that you consider bullet pointing your vision and make sure you "drill down" to exactly what it is that you want to experience.  For example, instead of saying "I want to make more money", you would say the exact amount by when. For example,  "I want to make $50,000 by December 1st".

Being specific with your the end results you would like to see in your business will help you to identify the products/services you want to offer, set your pricing and get clear on your target audience to market to.  And of course, gives you better focus and positive results!

4. Workout 30 minutes daily to maximize your lifespan!

It's no secret in this 21st century that 30 minutes of excercise daily will help you to have more energy, be in better health and keep your body moving freely.  I don't know about you, but when I don't exercise I get foggy in my thoughts, I'm tired and I'm stiff in the mornings or even when I sit down for any period of time.  This can take away from your energy and and cause you to procrastinate.  So, come on... get to exercising!!

5. Always seek the wisdom of others!

The sooner you learn that you don't know everything you need to know to be successful in business - the sooner you can start seeking out individuals that can help your business to grow and flourish!  As women, we can be stubborn and try to do everything on our own.  But, I have found this way of thinking GETS YOU NOWHERE FAST!

Schedule some time to brainstorm about the types of people you need on your team to really  make things happen in your business.  Next, start networking and meeting these types of individuals.  If you don't know certain types of people on your list then it's simple, go on Google and start entering keywords and visiting websites.  Ask other business associates who they use.  

Once you find individuals that fit your criteria to be on your team then connect with them and develop a relationship.  You might not need their information or services right away, but when it's time to use them you'll already have them in your cell phone and they'll be just a speed dial away.